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Calculus of Variations


There is no lecture on Tuesday 30.05.2017. Next lecture takes place on Friday 02.06.2017.


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- On Tuesdays 14-16 and Fridays, 8-10, in HS 1, Building E2.5. Begin 21.04.17.

  1. Lecturer: PD Dr. Darya Apushkinskaya ,
    Office hours: Thursdays 10:15-11:00 or by appointment (during semester break only by appointment)
  2. Tutor: Sumit Shekhar s8sushek@stud.uni-saarland.de

Target Group

The course is suitable for students specialising in applied mathematics, physics, computer science, visual computing, bioinformatics. The course language is English.


Date Assignments Due Date
25.05.17 cv17-blatt2.pdf02.06.17


The script in terms of transparencies will be available for download in the table below.

Date Topic Transparencies
21.04.17 Lecture 1. Introduction and Examples. Euler-Lagrange Equation.cv-17-lecture-1.pdf
25.04.17 Lecture 2. Remarks on the Euler-Lagrange Equation.cv-17-lecture-2.pdf
28.04.17 Lecture 3. Remarks on the Euler-Lagrange Equation (cont.). Undetermined End Points.cv-17-lecture-3.pdf
05.05.17 Lecture 4. Case of Several Variables. Examples of the Euler-Lagrange Equations. Introduction into Isoperimetric Problemscv-17-lecture-4.pdf
05.05.17 Lecture 5. Simple Dido's Problem. Catenary Problem. cv-17-lecture-5.pdf
09.05.17 Lecture 6. General Dido's Problem. Lagrange Multiplier Approach for Functionals. cv-17-lecture-6.pdf
12.05.17 Lecture 7. Problems with Non-Integral Constraints. cv-17-lecture-7.pdf
16.05.17 Lecture 8. Newton's Aerodynamic Problem. cv-17-lecture-8.pdf
19.05.17 Lecture 9. Classification of extrema. cv-17-lecture-9.pdf
23.05.17 Lecture 10. Inequality Constraints. cv-17-lecture-10.pdf
26.05.17 Lecture 11. Brocken Extremals. cv-17-lecture-11.pdf
02.06.17 Lecture 12. Numerical Solutions (Euler's Finite Difference Method. Ritz's Method). cv-17-lecture-12.pdf
06.06.17Lecture 13. Numerical Solutions (Ritz and Catenary, Kantorovich's Method). Introduction into Optimal Control Problems. Example of Dynamic Production.cv-17-lecture-13.pdf
09.06.17 Lecture 14. Aerospace Example (Part I). cv-17-lecture-14.pdf
13.06.17 Lecture 15. Aerospace Example (Part II). Hamiltonian's Formulation. cv-17-lecture-15.pdf
16.06.17 Lecture 16. Pontryagin's Maximum Principle. PMP Examples (Plant Growth).cv-17-lecture-16.pdf
20.06.17 Lecture 17. PMP examples. Introduction into Direct Methods.cv-17-lecture-17.pdf
23.06.17 Lecture 18. Direct Methods. Suitable Functional Spaces.cv-17-lecture-18.pdf
27.06.17 Lecture 19. Sobolev Spaces. Convexity and Lower Semicontinuity.cv-17-lecture-19.pdf
07.07.17 Lecture 20. Relaxation Theory. cv-17-lecture-20.pdf
10.08.17 Lecture 21. Variational Problems in Image Processing. cv-17-lecture-21.pdf

* G.Buttazzo, M.Giaquinta, S.Hildebrandt. One-dimensional Variational Problems. An Introduction. Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1998.

  • B. Dacorogna. Introduction to the Calculus of Variations. 2nd edition, Imperial College Press, 2009.
  • R. Weinstock. Calculus of Variations with Applications to Physics & Engineering. Dover Publications Inc., 1974.
  • G. Aubert, P. Kornprobst. Mathematical Problems in Image Processing. Partial Differential Equations and the Calculus of Variations. 2nd edition, Applied Mathematical Sciences, 147, Springer, 2006.
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