Group Seminar Applied Mathematics/ Oberseminar Angewandte Mathematik


(Building E1.1, Seminar Room in 3rd floor, Thursday 16 c. t.)


Students are very welcome to visit the group seminar, where various talks are given by guests and researchers of the chairs in applied mathematics.




Talk by
Title Date

Philippe Thiel

Verfahren zur Kontraststeigerung am Mikro-CT 06.02.2020
Prof. Galina Lazareva
Tungsten evaporation model under pulsed head load
Numerical solution of the Stefan Problem
Prof. Roland Duduchava
(Tiflis, Georgia)

Solvability of the shell equation derived by the Γ-convergence

Melanie Steffeck
(Masterseminar, Prof. Schuster)
A model-based approach incorporating relaxation effects for the calibration process in Magnetic Particle Imaging 18.07.2019
Lukas Vierus
(Masterseminar, Prof. Schuster)
2D vector tomography as an inverse problem for the transport equation 04.07.2019
Prof. Dr. Evgeny Derevtsov
(Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk)
Some integral and differential operators in integral geometry and tomography 13.06.2019
(15 c.t.)
Prof. Dr. Sergey Repin
(St. Petersburg & Jyväskylä)
Estimates of the distance to the set of divergence free fields
and applications to quantitative analysis of incompressible flow problems

Tephnadze, Tsaava, Tutberidze, Vashakidze

Laplace-Beltrami equations on hypersurface and Γ-convergence,
BVPs for the bi-Laplace-Beltrami equations on a hypersurface,
On the strong summability of partial sum with respect to Vilenkin system,
Variational-difference scheme for Kirchhoff nonlinear dynamical string equation


Tram Thi Ngoc Nguyen (Klagenfurt)

All-at-once versus Reduced Landweber-Kaczmarz for parameter identification in time-dependent inverse problems: a potential application in Magnetic Particle Imaging


Pascal Bauer (DFB-Akademie)

Data Science and Machine Learning in Professional Soccer


Dr. Udo Schröder (IEE S.A.)

Data Science and Machine Learning in Industry: Case Studies in Sensor Development and Production at IEE S.A.


Clemens Meiser
(Masterseminar, Prof. Schuster)

Ein Prädiktor-Korrektor-Verfahren in der Terahertz-Tomographie


Marcel Windpassinger (IBMT Fraunhofer)

Compressed Sensing in 3D Ultrasound Imaging


Rebecca Klein
(Masterseminar, Prof. Schuster)

Sequential subspace optimization method for the identification of the

stored energy of a hyperelastic structure


Dimitri Rothermel (AG Prof. Schuster)

Inverse heat transfer problems and applications


 Kevin Jacob
(Masterseminar, Prof. Rjasanow)

Numerische Behandlung des Vlasov-Poisson Systems mit Partikel- und Randelementmethoden  12.04.2018
 Daniel Seibel
(Masterseminar, Prof. Rjasanow)

The Virtual Element Method for general polygonal elements


Prof. Alexander Skubachevskii (Moskau)

Mixed problems for Vlasov-Poisson equations in kinetic theory of high-temperature plasma


Dr. techn. Gerhard Kitzler (Wien)

A polynomial spectral method for the spatially homogeneous Boltzmann equation


Anita Maria Haider (Graz)

Adaptive Cross Approximation for BEM in Elasticity


Prof. Ming Jiang (Peking)

Perspectives of Asynchronous Parallel Computation


Giorgij Tepnadze (Tbilisi)

Martingale Hardy spaces and summability of the one dimensional Vilenkin-Fourier series


Prof. Galina Lazareva

The Vlasov-Maxwell equations for self consistent electromagnetic fields:
Applications to mathematical simulation of multicomponent plasmas in a target trap


Prof. Dr. Ochs

Adaptive FISTA


PD Dr. Darya Apushkinskaya

Thin obstacle problem: estimates of the distance to the exact solution


Christian Michel

Eine BEM-RBF gekoppelte Methode mit Anwendung auf ein Schädigungsmodell der Elastizitätstheorie


Lars Erbelding
(Masterseminar, Prof. Schuster)

Inverse Bestimmung der Lamé-Parameter aus Randmessungen


Leif Bergerhoff (AG Prof. Weickert)

Modellierung von Schwarmdynamiken zur Bildanalyse


Pascal Bauer
(Masterseminar, Prof. Schuster)

Matrixfaktorisierung mittels des Algorithmus von Chambolle-Pock


Florian Badt
(Masterseminar, Prof. Schuster)

Konvergenztheorie des Algorithmus von Chambolle-Pock


Eva Glowacki
(Masterseminar, Prof. Louis)

Compressive Sensing: Theorie und Anwendungen


Prof. Dr. Alexander Nazarov
(St. Petersburg)

Iterated potentials for the Laplace and Helmholtz equations


Dr. Anna Polyakova (Novosibirsk)

Tensor Tomography


Dr. Ivan Svetov (Novosibirsk)

Tensor Tomography



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